Food that I always want to try again!

@ Connecticut(ranking reflecting preference)

  1. Lin’s Kitchen
  2. Lao Sze Chuan
  3. Formosa Asian fusion
  4. lobster hut (lobster rolls)
  5. Takumi Japanese cuisine.
  6. mocha noodle bar (chicken wings)

@ New York

  1. Pocha32 (love the Korean ramen there)
  2. His and her (Chinese dessert)

@ Buckhead, Atlanta

  1. Southern City Kitchen Buckhead (fried chicken is awesome)
  2. True Food Kitchen (tataki is awesome)
  3. Poor Calvin’s (lobster fried rice there is tasteful with Asian enough flavor)
  4. Seven lamps (lobster buns is fresh… omg I love lobster)

@Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Dust Cutter (avocado fries there is good, also the chicken and waffle)

@ 杭州 Hangzhou(排名分先后)

  1. 你别走(小龙虾)
  2. 臻货(海鲜)
  3. 台海岸(椒盐虾)
  4. 火狐狸(川菜)
  5. 塔哈尔(新疆菜)
  6. 菲滋 (芝士条)
  7. 夏星酒馆(排骨年糕火锅)
  8. 淮扬菜馆扬州龙虾(麻辣小龙虾)
  9. 大鸡腿
  10. 普罗旺斯(法餐)